Import Partners

Keeping close to our mission, we import all types and quality parts from across the globe. Our partners are present both in Asia and Europe. We have developed a good relationship with all the importing partners and therefore, have reduced delivery time to a considerable extent.



Valves are imported from;

  • TPS Technitube-Germany
  • Gemeless –Italy
  • BG- Italy
  • Visa Valve-Germany
  • Regarda

Pipes are imported from;

  • TPS Technitube-Germany
  • Leading Chinese company
  • Bore Fitting are imported from;
  • JD-France
  • Bothwell-Taiwan

Besides this, we also import from many other Chinese partners.


Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), sensors, relays, and motor drives are import from; 

  • Phoenix Contact
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