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ITC has developed an edge over its competitors in terms of delivery time. It can import various parts via sea, air and land as per the clients' requirements within deadline.
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ITC is a Official Distributor in Pakistan Of Phoenix Contact and Deals in Electrical Product Like programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), sensors, relays, and motor drives.
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Our Products

"Engineering Precision, Electrifying Innovation"


Pipes transport liquids, gases, and solids, essential in sectors like oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction. Available in MS, SS, GI & UPVC.


Valves control the flow of liquids, gases, and solids in various sectors like oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction, ensuring efficient and safe operations.


Flanges connect pipes, valves, and equipment in industries like oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction, ensuring secure, leak-proof joints for efficient and reliable operations.


Fittings connect and modify pipe systems, essential in industries like plumbing, oil and gas, and construction, ensuring efficient flow and system integrity.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks connect and organize electrical wires, crucial in industries for ensuring reliable connections, safety, and easy maintenance in electrical systems.

Surge Protection Device

A surge protection device safeguards electrical systems from voltage spikes, ensuring safety and reliability in industrial and residential applications by preventing damage to equipment.

Energy Measuring Device

An energy measuring device tracks and analyzes energy consumption, helping industries and businesses monitor efficiency, reduce costs, and manage energy usage effectively.

About Us

24 Long Years Of Trading Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Indus Trading Company is a well known name in the trading of industrial products. It was established in 2000 with a vision to become a leading industrial product supplier in Pakistan. It started off with just a single product and later with time included more products. It supplies a large range of industrial products to both multinational and national companies and also participates in govt. large scale projects through tenders. ITC is an importer and stockiest of valves, pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, forged fittings, scaffoldings, and many more.

Its head office, show room and warehouse are centrally located at New Challi. It has a large warehousing facility that carries ready stock of high turnover industrial products. The company has a staff of 20 people who are professionally trained to cater clients’ all industrial product needs.

We are the industry heads and Import the most reliable and Quality Products you are looking for.

Valves control flow and pressure in systems. Types include gate, globe, ball, butterfly, check, and pressure relief valves, each suited for specific functions. Needle, diaphragm, pinch, plug, and solenoid valves offer precise control, hermetic sealing, slurry handling, quick shut-off, and automation, respectively.

Seamless pipes, made by extrusion without joints, offer uniform strength and are ideal for high-pressure applications. Welded pipes, created by rolling and welding metal strips, have seams and are more cost-effective for lower-pressure uses. Both types are essential, with seamless pipes providing higher reliability and welded pipes being more economical.

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The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

The petrochemical industry converts oil and natural gas into chemicals for plastics, fertilizers, and more, crucially supporting numerous industries while facing sustainability challenges.

The oil and gas industry fuels global energy needs, impacting economies and geopolitics, while facing environmental challenges and adapting to renewable energy transitions.

The automotive industry designs, manufactures, and sells vehicles, driving global mobility and economy, while focusing on sustainability and innovations like electric and autonomous cars.

The textile industry produces fibers, yarns, and fabrics for clothing and other products, driving global trade while facing sustainability and ethical manufacturing challenges.

The food industry processes, packages, and distributes food products, ensuring global nutrition and safety while addressing sustainability, health trends, and ethical sourcing challenges.

The cement industry produces cement for construction, supporting infrastructure development while addressing environmental concerns like carbon emissions and sustainability practices.

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