Training Is a Crucial Part of the Picture

A swiftly growing fire erupts from a piece of malfunctioning equipment at a plant that has a reputation for reliable operations and very few workplace accidents. On this day, however, black smoke quickly begins to billow from the plant as employees scatter—some to get fire extinguishers and some to... read more

Behind the Walls: Valves in Building Systems

Today’s building systems move many types of fluids and gases through their lines to keep operations such as HVAC, fire protection, water and waste­water functioning. Valves play a key role in keeping those systems flowing. Details: Published on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 08:39, Written by Greg Johnson, read more

Heavy Oil: Producing in a Hostile Environment

Today, the world has many resources of heavy oil. For those that seek to tap into that oil, the challenge has always been extraction, the process of “mining” the heavy crude. Today’s producers have developed new technologies that allow them to get such oil to the market efficiently Details: Published... read more


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